Growth in Grantmaking Activity

The Charity Service is pleased to report continued growth in our charitable grantmaking activity. In the nine months to December 2022, we have distributed over £1.1 million in funding.

  • From our Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) we have distributed over £1 million to 47 charitable organisations within the UK and overseas.
  • From our Greater Manchester and Chronicle Cinderella Home Fund grant programmes, we have supported 52 applications, including a number of multi-year applications, with approximately £130,000 in funding.

The Charity Service is a trusted expert in charitable giving and provides Donor Advised Funds (DAFS) and philanthropy advice to donors with over £250,000 to give away. We have seen an increase in money added to our DAFs during the past two years, which is supporting higher levels of grantmaking. Donors tell us that our DAFs make charitable giving easy. They can make large one-off Gift Aid qualifying payments into their DAF and then use the funds to support multiple charities over a period of years.

We also manage several grant programmes for the Greater Manchester region, where The Charity Service is based. These grants are available to registered charities, community groups and voluntary organisations working to assist individuals who are disadvantaged, sick, have a disability and / or living in poverty within Greater Manchester. Grants are available to support activity and project costs; capital costs; and/or organisational core costs. This includes unrestricted and multi-year grants up to a maximum of three years.

Chronicle Cinderella grants are also available for individuals or organisations to support the costs of respite care and support (including but not limited to the provision of holidays) for the benefit of children and young people under the age of 25 who are sick, convalescent, have special educational needs or are disadvantaged for any other reason. These grants are available to residents within Greater Manchester, East Lancashire, North East Cheshire and North West Derbyshire.

If you would like to know more about our Donor Advised Funds or our grant programmes please call 0330 1330 780 or email [email protected]


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