New Grant Structure

Over the past 3 years, The Charity Service has developed strong working relationships with voluntary, community and social enterprise (VSCE) organisations in Greater Manchester and provided over £350k in financial support. We are proud to work in partnership with so many fantastic organisations. We are also determined to develop our work further and be an open, trusting and flexible funder.

Further to a Strategic Review in 2021, during which we consulted with VCSE organisations in Greater Manchester, we are pleased to announce our new grant policy that will be effective from 1st April 2022. Our new policy will allow us to make multi-year and unrestricted grants, in addition to the one-off restricted grants that we already provide. The changes, which will apply to our Greater Manchester Grant Fund and Chronicle Cinderella Home Fund, are outlined below.

Grant Fund – grant funding is available for registered charities, community groups and voluntary organisations working to assist individuals who are disadvantaged, sick, have a disability and/or living in poverty within Greater Manchester. Our priorities are:

  • Preventing homelessness;
  • Reducing social isolation; and,
  • Support for vulnerable families and children.

Grants are available to support activity and project costs; capital costs; and/or organisational core costs. This includes unrestricted and multi-year grants up to a maximum of 3 years.

  • The maximum amount of grant for any one year is £3,000
  • The maximum amount of multi-year grant funding available, over a 3 year period, is £9,000 (i.e. £3,000 in each year, with funds paid out annually across the period, subject to satisfactory performance).

Chronicle Cinderella Home Fund – funding is available for Individuals or Groups/Organisations to support the costs of respite care and support (including but not limited to the provision of holidays) for the benefit of children and young people under the age of 25 who are sick, convalescent, have special educational needs or are disadvantaged for any other reason. The respite care and support should provide a positive experience for the young person and/or provide a beneficial short period of rest for the young person’s carers and family.

  • The maximum amount of funding available for an Individual application is £1,000
  • The maximum amount of funding for a Group application is £3,000

We love speaking to VSCE organisations and welcome grant applicants contacting us before they submit an application. This gives us a chance to get to know you and to guide you through the application process.

For more detail on each fund please visit the grant funding page or contact Pete Yarwood on 07936 917679 or email [email protected]

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