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Funding from our Chronicle Cinderella Home Fund is available for Individuals or Groups/Organisations to support the costs of respite care and support (including but not limited to the provision of holidays) for the benefit of children and young people under the age of 25 who are sick, convalescent, have special educational needs or are disadvantaged for any other reason. The respite care and support should provide a positive experience for the young person and/or provide a beneficial short period of rest for the young person’s carers and family.

Grants are available to residents within Greater Manchester, East Lancashire, North East Cheshire and North West Derbyshire.

  • The maximum amount of funding available for an Individual application is £1,000.
  • The maximum amount of funding for a Group application is £3,000 (although our average grant tends to be around £1,000).

Please note:

  • Individual applications must be completed by a Sponsor such as a Social Worker, GP, Teacher or other professional person who knows the individual, the family and their circumstances well enough to complete the application form on their behalf.
  • We will normally only fund respite care and support where the family lacks the resources to pay for the respite care and support themselves, or where the local authority are unable to make such provision.
  • Due diligence checks will be completed on all Groups/Organisations applying for funding prior to an application being considered by our Trustees. 
  • All applications must be approved prior to any activity taking place. Funding will not be approved or paid retrospectively.
  • Please see our News page for details of our next Grant Committee meeting. 

For more information or to discuss making an application please contact Pete Yarwood on 07936 917679 or 0330 1330 780.

Additional Guidance Notes:

Please use the correct form for either an Individual or Group holiday.

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